Fairfield Senior Guard Landon Taliaferro Breaks School Record for 3-Pointers Made in Game!!(Interview)

Back in 2010 former Iowa State transfer, Mike Evanovich made nine 3-point field goals in 1 game setting the Fairfield University school record. That record was held until this Sunday when senior guard Landon Taliaferro shot 10 for 15 from the 3-point line along with scoring 34 points.  During the game, Taliaferro was not giving […]

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Long Time No See Tiger!!!

If you think back to the year 2008 it will really show how long ago it actually was. 2008 was when Marvel released the first Iron Man movie, the Beijing Summer Olympic Games took place, and Barack Obama was elected. We also witnessed Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics winning the NBA finals over the […]

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