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College Basketball

The AP poll was released today and the top 5 is 1. Kansas, 2. Michigan State, 3. Villanova, 4.Virginia, 5. Xavier. My top 5 is 1. Kansas, 2. Michigan State, 3. Miami, 4. Xavier, 5. Virginia. I left Villanova out because Xavier beet them then Xavier got upset wich lowers there strength of the teams they have played against. I also put Miami at 3. because they beat 2 top 15 teams this week. I put Xavier at 4. because they did beat the 1. team but then lost. I said last week that who ever won Villanova v. Xavier but I didn’t take into account that Xavier might lose. I put Kansas at 1. because the beat a top 25 team and won both games this week. I did the same thing with Michigan State. They didn’t have the best compotition but they still managed to win both games. I put Virginia at 5. because they did lose this week to Miami but then beat North Carolina but I didn’t think that that was enough to put them above 5th. This is what I think for my top 5 what do you guys think?

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