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College Basketball- Top 5

The AP poll top 5 is 1. Kansas, 2. Michigan State, 3. Villanova, 4. Virginia, 5. Xavier. My top 5 is Kansas at 1 because they are 9-3 v. top 25 teams. They also have the no.9 strength of schedule in the country, and are on a hot streak going 11-1 in there last 12. I gave Oregon a huge jump because like Kansas they are on a hot streak going 10-2 in there last 12. Also they have the no.5 strength of schedule and I think a team with a record of 24-6 record versus that hard of teams deserve to be recognized as one of the nations top teams. I have Virginia at no.3 because there strength of schedule is 6th and they are 7-2 versus top 25 teams. They are also 2nd in the RPI standings behind Kansas. Like Oregon they are 10-2 in there last 12 games. I have Michigan State at 4th because they are one of the nations top teams but because there Strength of Schedule is at 83 in the nation and they are 4-3 v. top 25 teams. In conclusion of that Michigan State is 26-5 v. only 7 top 25 teams. I have Villinova at 5 because thay are 27-4 and they do have the 21 strength of schedule in the country, but I do think that they are somewhat overrated to be a top 5 team, but for there record is why they are 5th. I told you my top 5 tell me yours.

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