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College Basketball- Picks

There are 4 big Conferance Championships today and I will tell you guys all my picks for them later on in the article. The first Championship game is the Big East which is the 3 seed Seaton Hall against the 1 seed Villanova. The game is scheduled to start at 5:30 on Fox. My prediction for this game is Seton Hall to win against Villanova because they are hot right now. The next game up for the championship slate is the Big 12 championship the 2 seed West Virginia against the 1 seed Kansas at 6:00 on ESPN. My pick is Kansas winning and securing one of the no.1 spots in the Tournament. The next game up is the no.2 seed Virginia and the no.1 seed North Carolina in the ACC Championship game at 9:00 on ESPN. I think that North Carolina will win in a tight one because Virginia’s defense is way better than Noter Dame’s. Also I think that each team will go on there runs but then the other team will come back. The last championship game for today is the 1 seed Oregon against the 2 seed Utah for the Pac-12 Championship at 10:00 ET . I think this will be a closely contested but like I said before Oregon is a great team and in conclusion to that they would win the game. I also think that there will ethier be no defense or no offense or both their won’t be great defense and great offense because both of these teams will probably  be tired because both of the games that were played went into overtime. But I still think Oregon will win because they are more complete. These are my picks what do you guys think of them?

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