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NCAA Basketball- Bracket Help

It’s that time of year again! Yes it is March Madness and it is time to fill out your brakets. In this article I will be giving you information on the best way to make your picks and in a different article I will tell you all of my picks. The 1st tip I am going to tell you is to find someone who dosen’t know a lot about basketball. You could ask your nieces, nephews, sons, or daughters who are little what mascott they like or what color.For example if you ask your son who he would want to win a silver and blue team (2 seed Xavier) or white and purple (15 seed Weber State) most of the time your son will say silver and blue. The reason why this is a good trick because you will probly be biased toward the higher seeds expecialy when it comes down to 7 v. 10 and there were also upsets with 3 seeds last year. This next tip is good if you are playing with co-workers or friends. The tip is look up NCAA tournement predictions and scrole at least 3 pages back and check out some of there picks. The reason why this is good because your friends are probly going to look at the 1st couple of pages but the pages back there might be just as good and you might be the only one in your bracket with that source. That is it for this article, come back later for more.

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