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College Football

After No.5 Louivlles loss to H0uston last night the Playoff picture gets a little more clear than before. My new top 5 is Alabama at No.1, Clemson at number 2, Ohio State at number 3, Wisconsin at number 4, and Washingon at number 5. I picked Clemson at number 2 because my belief is that you can not put a 1 loss non conferance champion over a 1 loss conferance champion. I also think that with Clemson’s strength of schedule you can not have a non conferance team over them even if they have a better schedule than them. I picked Ohio State over Wisconsin because Ohio State beat them. Along with beating Wisconsin, Ohio State would have to beat Michigan who also beat Wisconsin. To be in the playoff Wisconsin would have to win the Big 10 championship, which would most likely be v. Penn State or Wisconsin. If Wisconsin does win that game I still think Ohio State would be infront of them because they beat Wisconsin and Wisconsin has 2 losses.

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