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NFL Thanksgiving Picks

Vikings @ Lions

I think that the Lions Matthew Stafford will be able to break down the Vikings defense and also due to the crowd the Lions will pull this game out in a close game

Pick:Lions wins 30-27

Washington @ Dallas

I think that Elliot and Prescott will be too much for the Redskins and will pull out a victory due to the defense stopping Kirk Cousins more times than the Redskins stop the Cowboys in an offensive game.

Pick:Dallas wins 37-24

Steelers @ Colts

I think that Brown, Roethlisberger, and Bell will be able to make big plays when thy need to on the Colts defense. Also I think that Pittsburgh defense will be able to rush the Colts and get some sacks on the weak offensive line of the Colts. Also without I just see that there is no chance at all that the Colts could walk out of there stadium with a win.

Pick:Steelers win 30-14



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