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Predictoin for UCLA v. Kentucky

In this South Division matchup, UCLA comes in as a 3 seed and Kentucky comes in as a 2 seed. UCLA has rolled to the Sweet 16 by beating Cincinnati and Kent State by a commined 29 points. Kentucky has not been as fourtunate, by only winning against Northern Kentucky by 9 points and only 3 points Against Witchita St.

Keys to the Game for Kentucky:

If Kentucky is able to keep UCLA off the foul line and are able to win the rebound battle then they will win. Last game against Witchita State, Kentucky completed the first task by limiting the Shockers to go 6-9 from the line but were unable to complete the second task by loosing the rebound battle 38-16.

Keys to the game for UCLA:

UCLA will win the game simply by giving Lonzo Ball the ball. Also if Bryce Alford is able to shoot better from behind the arc, then UCLA will have a chance to run away with the game. The Bruins will also have to pressure Kentucky behind the arc.

Kentucky v.s UCLA Score Prediction: UCLA 91, Kentucky 83

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