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Will Kansas get another blow out win, or will Oregon pull off the upset?

No.3 Oregon will go up against the red hot Kansas Jayhawks in a game that has a chance of getting out of hand quick. Oregon comes into the game squeaking out a 69-68 victory over No.7 Michigan. While Kansas comes into the game dominating every opponent they have played in the tournement.

Kansas v.s Oregon Prediction:

Oregon has a chance of pulling a upset because of the inconsistency over the course of the season by Kansas. Even though Oregon is a No.3 seed I still do like Kansas to win by a pretty big margin because of their dominating effort in the tournement. I think that Frank Mason III will set the tempo early in the first half for the Jayhawks, and will droup another 20 point game. Josh Jackson will also go for 20 points for the Jayhawks. Also Dillon Brooks and Tyler Dorsey won’t hit most of their shots untill the second half, and at that time it will be to late for a comeback.

Kansas v.s Oregon Score Prediction: Kansas 91, Oregon 84


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