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Canelo wins in a sominating effort over Chavez in #CaneloChavezJr

             Canelo wins against Chavez Jr. in an all Mexian fight in a battle for a title and national pride. In this bout Canelo embaressed Chavez by winning every round and not even bothering to use a stool between rounds.

              Canelo treating this bout like sparring practice, and showing everyone that he belongs here unlike Chavez Jr who got completly embaressed. Canelo showed his strength and showed no signs of weakness in this fight.

             Canelo will go back to Mexico as a national hero while Chavez Jr will go home as a man who fought their hero and lost. Chavez Jr is the son of a national hero of Mexico, but showed that the name does not describe how you fight. Chavez Jr even was booed as he was getting his post game interview.

            Canelo dominated in the stats along with the score card, and by the end of the day the popularity contest of all of the Mexican people.

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