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Jon Jones and Daniel Comier is scheduled for UFC 214 on July 29 

                 The rivalry between Daniel Comier and Jon Jones is set for UFC 214 on July 29. Jon Jones beat Comier before and was suppose they were suppose to have a rematch at UFC 200 before Jon Jones was charged for dopping a few days before the fight. 

                 There is a lot of hate between these two fighters as they almost got in a fight back stage before the UFC Summer Kickoff Press Conference. While Jon Jones was on suspenssion for dopping Daniel Comier claimed and deffended his title that Jon lost when he was inactive for to long. 

                 Jon and Comier also went back in forth arguing at the press confrence when asked questions about there fight back stage. Jon Jones and Daniel Comier was a great fight last time but some people still think that since Daniel has never beaten Jon, he is still unproven as a champion.

              Jon Jones and Daniel Comier is set to be an amazing fight with a lot of action and hate coming from the two fighters.


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