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Kyrie comments on Lonzo and Lavar relationship

                   Kyrie Irving was a former Duke star and was drafted in the lottery by the Caviliers. Like UCLA star and projected top 3 pick, Lonzo Ball, Irving was pushed by his father. As time passed, Kyrie’s dad Dred Irving let Kyrie make his own decisions. 

                  Lonzo’s dad Lavar Ball has made comments that most people think might hurt Lonzo’s carrer. Irving commeted on Lavar’s commets and control over Lonzo “Just relax a little bit. Take a step back and realize the impact that you can make, not for the moment now, but for the future. Lonzo is going to be in the NBA regardless. But at the end of the day, he still is going into another world that you can’t control.”

                  Even though Irving’s dad lossened the reigns a bit, Lavar might not do the same.


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