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Must win for the Celtics in Game 2 against the Cav’s

             The Caviliers v.s Celtics game 2 is set to start. The Cav’s dominated the Celtics in Game 1 and Celtics star PG Isaiah Thomas and the rest of the team made it clear that it was a fluke and were not scared of the deffending champs. Although this might not make a difference, it is Thomas’s job to figure out how to lead his team past Clevland in Game 2. 

             This is the Celtics 2nd of 2 home games before it goes to Clevland for 2 games. If the Celtics loose today then it will most likely end in Clevland in a 4-0 sweep. If the Celtics win toinight then they will play at the Garden at least one more time.


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