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NBA Award Nominees- MVP Westbrook, Harden, Lenored

             The NBA Award finalists have been anounced, here is the list of the categories, nominees, and my prediction on who will win.

            NBA Most Improved player nominies are Rudy Gobert(UTA), Antetekumbo(Mil), Nikola Jokic(Den). My prediction to win is the Greek Freak Antetekumbo. He led his team in every category putting himself in an elite category. Gobert and Jokic has progressed a lot but no on has improved much as the Greek Freak.

             The NBA Sixth Man player of the year nominees are Eric Gordon(Hou),  Andre Igudala(GS), and Lou Williams(Hou). My prediction to win is Eric Gordon because he has the talent to start on a lot of teams in the NBA. Even though Igudala was the sixth man on the best team, he was not the best sixth man.

             The NBA Coach of the year nominees are Erik Spoelstra(Mia), Mike D’antoni(Hou), Gregg Popovich(San). My prediction is Mike D’antoni because he was able to make the Rockets into one of the best records in the leauge after loosing Howard.

              The NBA Deffensive player of the year nominees are Kawhi Lenored(San), Rudy Gobert(Uta), and Draymond Green(GS). My prediction to win the award is Draymond green because he carried Golden States deffensive and was a beast on defensive.


                The NBA Rookie of the Year nominees are Dario Saric(Phi), Joel Embid(Phi), and Malcolm Brodgon(Mik). This is most likely the closest race because even though Embid was the best player, he got injured and did not play the whole season. Darion Saric would most likely be my pick because he is a talented young player

                The NBA MVP nominees are as expected with Russel Westbrook(Okc), James Harden(Hou), Kawhi Lenored(San). My prediction to win the MVP is Russel Westbrook because he has completley dominated getting a tripple double average. James Harden would be the runner up dispite having an amaizing season. In my opinion Kawaih Lenored is the best player in the Western Conference and James is the best player in the Eastern Conference. But this award is for the player for the best season not the best career. 


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