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Jedrzejczyk vs. Andrade in #UFC211

            The next fight up in UFC 211 is the Straweight Championship bout between undefeated (13-0-0) Jedrzejczyk against (16-5-0) Andrade. The undefeated champion has proven […]

College Basketball

After there plane skid off the run way 2 days ago Michigan won yesterday’s game vs. Illinois wearing their practice jerseys. Today Michigan went against the No. 1 seed Purdue. […]

Upset Alert

No. 1 Alabama leads No.15 Flordia 10-7 from a interception return for a TD from Fitzpatrick.

Upset Alert

No.1 Alabama cuts No.15 Flordia lead to just 4 making it 7-3 with a fieldgoal coming from a 44 yard interception set up the feildgoal. Alabama still has not converted a 1st […]

Upset Alert

No.15 Florida leads No.1 Alabama 7-0 with a drive that contained 3 3rd down conversions. That is more that Flordia had the whole game last week v. Flordia State (0).

Tennesse Recruting

Twin defensive tackles Breyon Gaddy and Brandon Gaddy de-commit from Tennessee. 4 star Breyon and 3 star Brandon have said before that they want to play together in college. They […]